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The Central Florida Free-mo group is for members of our informal group as well as interested Free-mo modelers from anywhere in Central Florida. We have members from as far away as Jacksonville, Tampa and Ocala. Free-mo is a set of standards governing the creation and connection of HO scale modules to build a model railroad with a focus on operation, not display.

Our next meet up will be in Homosassa at the Walden Woods Community Center on Saturday, April 16, 2011. Setup will be at noon and we'll be able to work until 4:00. Gloria has posted directions on the Yahoo! group -- contact her for specific information including address if you want to GPS/Google the location.

We'd like to create a modules page for the site -- please send clear photos of you modules and a diagram to Steven so that he can create the page.

We're looking forward to having a setup at the NMRA SSR convention in Ocala in May, 2011. Information for the convention in can be found here.

Our Yahoo! group can be found at groups.yahoo.com/group/cffreemo.


Links to other related sites: free-mo.org | Free-mo Trackwork Handbook | Minnesota Free-mo Modelers

Email us at: cffm@sprynet.com

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