Crowd Funding 500 Westchester 4 Bernie buttons

bernie lit front 4 blog pixAfter successfully funding 10,000 pieces of color 4 x 6 inch Bernie Lit in December, W4B volunteers are about to launch a crowd fund to raise funds for 500, 3 inch W4B buttons. The website was built expressly to provide a platform for funding grassroots Bernie projects. The key to raising funds in this manner is to get eyes on the online campaign page at The W4B button campaign will be promoted at the 2 largest Democratic websites in the nation, & It is expected to take about 3 weeks to raise the full $400 needed to fully fund the purchase of the buttons from the union print shop AliGraphics in West Harrison.4 buttons draft


Here a few rough ideas we’re considering.

Top left uses Harlow Solid Italic in red, the top right uses Georgia in red, the bottom left uses Kunstler Script in red, while the bottom right uses Veranda Bold in red.



If you like one of these designs, email your favorite to

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